An optimistic ditch


Hey tumblr!
I'm a twenty year old guy from the UK, and I was so happy, it's getting hard again...
I am furry, and love all animals, more than I love most people...

If you ever need a different point of view, or advice I will help, or ask me anything, I will answer any question honestly, regardless of topic.

And if you are depressed or feel unloved, please talk to me, I want to help.


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My dashboard made me emotional once again



do you ever just get

viciously jealous

about people



that’s my friend


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I miss your playful lil’ giggle… I miss your cheeky smile, I miss your heart melting eyes, I miss your adorable dimples , I miss the little distracted glances you take, all the risks you take… Just for me, you are amazing and I miss everything about you… I miss you so dearly, yet you are still the reason I smile each day, yet you are the reason each day is so hard… Why can’t we be together? You are the only person I have truly fallen for, and you are perfect.

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